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What to Look For When Hiring the Best Landscaping Company

There are many landscaping companies available, and no doubt you worked for one (or more) of them in the past. If so, you already know there’s a world of difference between working for a landscaping company that focuses on its skilled staff and one which just wants you to hose, blow and do the jobs for them. It’s one thing to hire a team of highly competent workers; it’s another to let them free reign, which is often the case when you’re the general contractor. When you’ve got your own project, you need to find the best landscaping company to work with.


You have to ask yourself how you can separate the pretenders from the contenders. Start with the overall rating for customer satisfaction. In the landscaping business, customer satisfaction is paramount, whether you’re working on a new property or trying to maintain the grounds on which you’re based. The best landscaping company has a stellar reputation for being customer-oriented and knowledgeable about everything about the job they’re performing. If a landscape maintenance company doesn’t rate well in this area, chances are they aren’t all that good at what they do.

When you’re hiring employees, make sure you take into consideration the landscaping company’s reputation for training and employing workers with the highest levels of skill and talent. You don’t necessarily want “your guy” out there on the job doing jobs, “Just do not fall under your umbrella”. Your lawn and garden may be spectacular, but if you don’t know anyone who lives nearby who’s got the same lush trees, lawns, and outdoor living spaces, it’s really just a piece of land. Hire an expert.

Landscaping firms often hire landscapers with expertise in outdoor kitchens, swimming pools, and spas. A backyard or a swimming pool adds beauty and value to your home. If your landscaping firm doesn’t have experience with these types of facilities, then how are they going to handle the design and implementation of your ideas for outdoor living spaces? Outdoor kitchens, spas, and swimming pools have unique design considerations. Only a firm with knowledge of these concepts can create an outdoor kitchen that meets your needs.

Another important consideration is the quality of landscaping contractors available in your area. Not all landscapers are created equal, and many others are competing for the same business. When you get quotes from contractors, make sure the total price includes not only the project itself but also a breakdown of services such as fertilizer, weed control, tree trimming, planting, and others. Be aware that some landscapers charge additional for these extra services. A breakdown of service costs shows the client exactly what he is going to pay for so he can plan his budget.

Most people don’t know it, but Landscaping Clearwater FL is among the leaders in landscaping. The nursery offers top-notch plants for every type of landscape need. If you need container gardens, privacy screens, trellises, or even decorative planters, the nursery can help. The flat landscape design company has helped thousands of customers throughout the United States to find creative ways to incorporate plants and other outdoor elements into their commercial projects. This extensive list of satisfied clients speaks for the professionalism of the landscape nursery.

One more thing you should look for when hiring a landscaping company is how the firm manages its customer service. Many residential customers choose residential landscaping firms because the firm offers a one-stop-shop for everything they need. Residential landscaping firms also understand the specific needs that homeowners have when it comes to landscape maintenance. In contrast, a commercial landscaping firm may not offer installation services or media features. If you’re going to hire a residential firm for your yard, make sure they also offer installation services so your landscape maintenance project becomes much easier.

In addition to the above-mentioned attributes, the best landscaping company will also have an aggressive marketing strategy to get your home’s name out. Landscaping companies are always looking for new customers and they use several different marketing methods to get your home out there. Some companies will post fliers around your neighborhood or they’ll send brochures to businesses in your community. Other marketing techniques include sending postcards, adding yard signs and ribbons to streets, giving away flyers, and holding garden parties.